A Pictorial of Fahtiem's Travels

Performance at Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2007 Egypt

Fahtiem in Egypt 2007
Fahtiem in Egypt 2007

Cruising with Fahtiem, 2005
Cruise September 2005

Yaa Halla Y'all Dallas Texas 2005


Harry Saroyan and Fahtiem, Las Vegas, January 2006


On the Air with Fahtiem and Sponsor, Aziza, in Las Vegas, January 2006


Fahtiem's Workshop, Las Vegas, January 2006

Fahtiem in New York
at The Yousry Sherif Gala
Fahtiem at Rakassah  West 2005
Fahtiem at Rakassah of the West, 2005
Fahtiem at Rakassah West 2005